The Jody Kahlon Collection

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Jody Kahlon dresses are figure flattering and confidence boosting. They’re not an impulse purchase. They’re a considered and thoughtful investment that will last a lifetime.

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Jody’s studio doubles as her shopfront in thriving south-east Melbourne, where the sound of foot traffic is punctuated with the clang of passing trams.

Her large shop window is playfully arranged with some of her latest pieces. A rack displays samples of her many dresses and skirts. But that’s where Jody’s studio departs from the usual. The eagle-eyed will notice the differences only on closer inspection of her pieces, where wide belted inserts and smartly cut lines create trompe l’oeil silhouettes that flatter any figure.

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My Atelier doubles up as my shop, a place where I am creative and most at home.

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An atelier (French: [atəlje]) is the private workshop or studio of a professional artist in the fine or decorative arts where a principal master and a number of assistants, students, and apprentices can work together producing pieces of fine art or visual art released under the master's name or supervision.

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The Jody Kahlon Collection

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I take aspects of a design and create a dress that’s unique for you. Choose your style, your fabric, your print. For winter, summer or across seasons. Every dress is unique and made to fit your body. Capped sleeve to bring balance to hips. Light or dark fabrics to highlight special areas.

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The Jody Kahlon Collection

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Red Silk Dress

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Cloth red dress with patterns

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1066 Glenhuntly Road,
Glen Huntly Melbourne, Victoria

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